The Athenaeum building on Derwent Street was erected in 1865 as a Union church. By 1870-1873 there were sufficient ministers and supporters of each faith to have their own separate churches and the Union church fund and the building were transferred to an Athenaeum committee in 1870. In 1873 the citizens of Naseby voted 200 pounds to buying books for the Athenaeum. Though miners worked long hours, reading books from lending libraries seems to have been a popular alternative leisure activity to drinking in public houses, and nearly every small mining settlement had its athenaeum.

This Athenaeum is still operating today. Open on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. If you are a resident of Naseby you can pay a subscription fee and have access to a fantastic selection of books to borrow.

At the front of the Athenaeum you’ll find a Tri-brary room containing sports equipment, DVDs and jigsaws. Free to borrow but please return once you’ve had a go so others can enjoy them too. For more information contact Karen Brady 021 345336