There are two fishing areas with the Forest Recreational Area; Coalpit and Hoffman’s Dams

Coalpit Dam is an excellent picnic spot (with toilet facilities – open December – April) and popular with families. The dam has both brown and rainbow trout in its waters. Although it is not a deep dam all methods of fishing are used, with spin anglers having the best success, using very small wobblers and veltics. Coalpit Dam also has a boat ramp.

Hoffman’s Dam has no vehicle access and you have to walk in 300m from the carpark. The dam, stocked with both brown and rainbow trout, is very deep and bait anglers should fish close to the edge. All methods of fishing are used, but fly fishing is more successful in the evening using small sedge patterns.

You do need to have a New Zealand Fish and Game licence in order to catch fish. Have a look at for fishing regulations or to buy a licence online.

NZ Fishing Licences for children are available at the Naseby Holiday Park Office.