In February 2020 Chorus started to build its ultrafast broadband fibre optic network in Naseby, bringing ultrafast broadband speeds to the town by late 2020.

The work involves drilling and excavations in footpaths and berms, and we hope to have completed civil construction works by mid to late 2020. Any ground affected will be reinstated to acceptable council standards. However please note initially there is a safe temporary reinstatement while the built area’s network is tested to ensure it works – once we know there are no problems with it we then complete the final reinstatement. This delay is usually 4 – 6 weeks but may be more.

Once the main network has been completed, then the process of connecting properties to the network can begin, so by Christmas Naseby residents will be enjoying ultrafast broadband. For most properties connecting to the network will be free.

For more information about Ultrafast Broadband please visit the Chorus website.