The town of Naseby is governed and managed by Central Otago District Council and the Otago Regional Council.

Central Otago District Council


Central Otago District Council (CODC) is made up of members of the public who are elected to represent the community for a three-year term.

The Council is led by the Mayor together with 11 elected Councillors. Their job is to govern and manage the interests of this district on behalf of everyone who lives here. It is also their role to look after the well-being of this community, now and in the future.

CODC meet every six weeks. This is when formal decisions regarding the running of our district are made.

CODC has also chosen to have four Community Boards to help represent the communities of Central Otago, they are Vincent Community Board, Cromwell Community Board, Maniototo Community Board and Teviot Valley Community Board.

CODC have an excellent web page where you can request advice and assistance and complete paperwork online for a huge range of services 

Or contact them by phone: (03) 440 0056 anytime, or Email:

For more information about Central Otago District Council click on this link

Otago Regional Council

Otago Regional Council

Otago Regional Council (OCR) is responsible for managing Otago’s land, air and water resources on behalf of the community.

ORC also contract passenger transport services, play a role in transport planning, work to reduce the risk of flooding, and lead the planning for and response to natural disasters to help keep people and properties safe.

The Council was established in 1989 when the Otago Catchment Board, Otago Regional Water Board and pest management boards, noxious plants authorities, and united councils were amalgamated.

As well as looking after the environment, ORC take into account the people of Otago – their economic, cultural, and social needs.

For more information about the Otago Regional Council or to contact them click this link